‘Poker’ – all four playing card suits, relief-engraved, Super-LumiNova® (on Black dial)

A sure bet on style – in two dial versions:  Midnight Blue and Jet Black  

In the early part of this year, Byrne Watch unveils its two latest timepieces, blending the thrill of gambling with exceptional craftsmanship.

Inspired by the glittering world of casinos, their changing dials evoke the atmosphere of gaming halls and the concept of chance. These marvels of precision and innovation celebrate contemporary horology – with that playful dimension so dear to the brand’s founders.


‘Poker’ – all four playing card suits, relief-engraved, Super-LumiNova® (on Blue dial)

‘Poker’ – all four playing card suits, relief-engraved, Super-LumiNova® (on Blue dial)

Byrne Watch invites you into the world of ‘Casino’, where time unfolds as a game of style and brilliance. 

The Gyro Dial, a vision, a movement,  a singular, playful animation… Simple in appearance, its development was intensely complex – an unprecedented achievement in horology. 

The Byrne Watch brand was launched just 18 months ago at Geneva Watch Days 2022. Since then, top-tier retailers in Japan, the United States, Canada, and France have recognized in both the watch and the brand itself all the hallmarks of creative, dynamic, agile, and active independent watchmaking. 

The Byrne Watch team, led by passionate creator John Byrne and CEO Claire Byrne, is driven by a long-term vision centered on a unique concept: a watch that changes its dial every day. 

Every day, at the stroke of noon or midnight, in a flash, the dial’s four cardinal indexes – at 3, 6, 9 and 12 o’clock – pivot to display a whole new watch face.  

Byrne Watch’s Gyro Dial gives its wearer the feeling of wearing a different watch every day – and the freedom to change its dial in an instant. 

Hence the Byrne Watch motto: ‘One watch, four faces’. 

‘Lucky 7’ – relief-engraved, yellow Super-LumiNova®

‘Lucky 7’ – relief-engraved, yellow Super-LumiNova®

The ‘Casino’ series – Face value 

The ‘Casino’ series, encased in grade 5 titanium, comes in two dial versions, Midnight Blue and Jet Black, capturing the elegance, style, and exhilaration that characterize the ambiance around poker or roulette tables in grand casinos. 

On the Black model, the first of its four watch faces shows the lucky number ‘7’ – reminiscent of slot machines – on each cardinal index. The second face transitions to the card table, depicting all four suits in a flamboyant red. The third returns to the world of horology with familiar Arabic numerals at 3, 6 and 9 o’clock, plus an arrowhead at 12. The fourth face – Ghost – presents a symbol-free dial, showcasing only subtly engraved hour markers. 

The Blue dial follows the same sequence, but with distinctive variations. The ‘7’ glimmers in the same golden yellow, while the playing card suits are presented in charcoal gray on the cardinal indexes. Here, too, the third face depicts Arab numerals, followed by the ‘Ghost’ effect on the fourth dial. 

On both models, the crown is decorated with an engraved ‘lucky 7’, echoing the style applied on the indexes. The ‘Casino’ series also introduces Byrne Watch’s new grained rubber straps, designed for greater wear comfort and a modern look, with red stitching for the black model and yellow stitching for the blue model. 

Classically elegant, yet provocatively playful, the ‘Casino’ Series epitomizes Byrne’s ability to craft multifaceted timepieces that alternate between disruptive creativity and understated chic.  


‘Poker’ – all four playing card suits, relief-engraved, Super-LumiNova® (on Black dial)

‘Poker’ – all four playing card suits, relief-engraved, Super-LumiNova® (on Black dial)

Gyro Dial: engineering the unexpected 

In line with the brand’s dedication to innovation, the ‘Casino’ series features Byrne Watch’s Gyro Dial movement incorporating a sophisticated dial-changing mechanism, an animation complication, that is unique to its inventor, David Byrne. Every twenty-four hours, be it at noon or midnight, the wearer witnesses an almost magical transformation on the watch face. In this collection, it aptly evokes the thrill of a game of chance. 

In this animation, the four cardinal indexes – at 3, 6, 9 and 12 o’clock – are cuboids that pivot on their central axis once every 24 hours, revealing one of four distinct faces with each shift. Each cuboid is fully plated with rhodium – rhodium-plating is one of the hallmarks of these distinctive dials – and meticulously engraved, demonstrating the exceptional craftsmanship required for such intricate designs. This precision is achieved through the use of dedicated engraving machines in Switzerland, adapted specifically for Byrne Watch. The designs are accentuated with Super-LumiNova®, eschewing the use of paint.  

Producing each cuboid requires no fewer than 40 steps in a meticulous process, underlining the precision and finesse at the core of this advanced craftsmanship. 


Where Time meets Chance 

Games of chance thrive on a blend of secrecy, mystery, surprise, and an illusion of predictability. It is only natural that the brand should feel drawn to this realm: after all, this mysterious dimension is what Byrne Watch captures in its timepieces. 

The ‘Casino’ series is playful, inspired by the atmosphere found only in casinos and the strong emotions associated with playing games of chance. Like the skillful player, the watch reveals different facets, concealing its strategy to better surprise. 

These watches go beyond being mere luxury accessories; they represent a distinct expression of personality for those who effortlessly break away from the mainstream. With this series, Byrne Watch honors the enthusiasts of exquisite timepieces with a spirit as bold and complex as the game itself. 



Technical Specifications


Functions                                         Hours, minutes

Mobile indexes change instantly at noon or midnight every day, or on demand


Material:                                          Grade 5 titanium from Le Locle, Switzerland

Diameter:                                        41.7 mm x 48.1 mm

Thickness:                                       14.45 mm

Finishes:                                          Sand-blasted, rhodium-plated; all by hand

Crystal:                                            Sapphire, box type, antireflective coating

Caseback:                                       Open, box-type sapphire crystal, antireflective coating

Water resistance:                         5 ATM, equivalent to 50 meters (approx. 160 feet)

Dial                                                 Two versions:

Black, straight-grained

Blue, straight-grained

4 dial faces                                  

‘Lucky 7’ – relief-engraved, yellow Super-LumiNova®

‘Poker’ – all four playing card suits, relief-engraved, Super-LumiNova® (red on Black dial; charcoal on Blue dial)

‘Numerals’ – 3, 6, 9 and arrowhead at 12 o’clock, relief-engraved, white Super-LumiNova®

‘Ghost’ – straight-grain finish aligned with the dial finish

Crown                                               Engraved with the ‘Lucky 7’, micro-blasted relief


Caliber:                                            Swiss, developed in Fleurier at LTM 5555, mechanical, self-winding

Finishes:                                          Mainplate and bridges, brass, sand-blasted and rhodium-plated,

Straight-grain finishes, offset Côtes de Genève stripes

Beveling and finishing by hand

Components:                                 261

Jewels:                                             42

Diameter:                                        30.00 mm

Height:                                             9.90 mm

Power reserve:                               60 hours

Frequency:                                      4 Hz/28,800 vph


Black rubber, red stitching

Blue rubber, yellow stitching

Grade 5 titanium pin buckle

Warranty: 3 years

Retail price:  18,000 CHF (19,000 EUR/20,000 USD) excluding VAT; exchange rates at time of writing

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