A Javanese in the middle of the world

Hello watch collectors and fashion victims!

My name is Danar Widanarto, was born in 1982 on the Java island (Indonesia).

On December 2002 I came to Germany to learn German and landed in Cologne.

After finishing a six-month German crash course at the Carl Duisberg Training Centers in Cologne, I studied media business administration at the Cologne Business School (CBS). During my studies, I discovered my passion for watches.

Four years after my graduation from the CBS and working for several TV stations, I decided to learn something new. And so I ended up in a four star hotel in Cologne and started studying hotel management.

Professions and their watches

Do you know that most lawyers wear a Rolex? Whereas the bankers prefer buying IWC ? More about professions and their watches you will find it at my other article!.

I am neither a watchmaker nor a watch expert, I am only to be considered as a “consumer”, who has fun on collecting and admiring watches, exploring the world of watches.

My blog www.chronondo.de is about “watches and lifestyle: tipps and tricks to be elegant and fashionable“. With articles about watches and the classic style of dress, I want to bring you the wide world of watches and fashion a little closer and give some advises how you can combine the watch with your daily clothes perfectly.

Watches and fashion – you can combine both elements perfectly, but sometimes it can be a disaster when you combine your watch with your outfit at a certain occasion.

The beginning of a watch collector

I often asked the question “What time is it ….?” or  “Jam berapa …..?” in my mother tounge Indonesian, to my school mate named Widi who sat next to me again and again – especially as we had math class. Annoyed he answered my question.

Widi: “It’s 13:50!”

Chronondo: “Yippie yeah! 10 minutes more and we can go home!”

I never wore a watch until I was 13. One day my grandma called me and my brother and gave us both a watch as a present for passing the examinations at the school. It was a watch from SEIKO.

I was wondering “Mmhhh, why my brother gets the same watch? We are not a twin!!”

But I was very happy finally owning a watch!.

The joy on my first watch lasted just for a few weeks, I kept it lying at home.

One day I went with my SEIKO to a flea market in the city and stopped at a stand that buy & re-sell watches.

Some hours later I was wearing another watch on my wrist, it was not new but at least not the same one as my brothers.

Oh great! How should I tell my grandma where the SEIKO (her gift) has remained?.

How the story ended up? I will tell you later;).