It’s the 1st of August: It’s The Swiss National Day

Where high quality watches are born! For some people Switzerland is just a country of chocolates, country with the world's best hotel experts, country of bankers or country of cheeses. Unlike thoseRead More...
Professions And Their Watches

Professions And Their Watches: Who Wears What

Do Bloggers love luxury watches? I always wanted to know which watch brand Bill Clinton or Brad Pitt normally wears. How could I figure it out? Well, thank God there is Google.Read More…


Sukarno: Zwischen Marilyn Monroe & 13 Rolex Uhren

Beliebter Präsident und bekennder Uhrensammler Indonesien und Sukarno – zwei Elemente, die sich nicht voneinander trennen lassen. Am 17.08.1945 (das Geburtsdatum meiner Webseite www.chronondo.de ist am 17.08.2015) hat Sukarno geschafft, sein LandRead More…